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Ripped Skinny Jeans

Ripped skinny jeans have become the first choice of denim pants for celebrities and ordinary women alike. The history of torn jeans dates back to in the 1970s, during the times of the rock and roll punk music artists and hippie fashion fans. They wore them with ragged t-shirts and leather jackets accessorised with jumbled hairdos and dark make up. Throughout the eighties the fashion was gradually gaining commercial exposure and it became a part of designer collections.

ripped skinny jeans

Fans would find various options including stone-washed and acid-washed tattered denims. Even bleached styles with ripped pockets and knees existed. People would make their own distressed denim pants at home as well. By the nineties, torn jeans were top teenage style as they were imitating their top-notch rock artists and would wear them with flannel shirts. Although the trend kind of vanished before the end of that decade, ripped skinny jeans are back now.

This time around this fashion is for everyone unlike in the past when only the punks or rebellious men and women would wear them. Girls’ styles are really thin denim pants with wide or straight legs. Even the shredding styles are different today but the holes are still on the knees, pockets, thighs and so on. There are different washes as well and you can buy your favourites. Since most of them are tight low rise pants, a woman can still show off her gorgeous figure and her fashion tastes and preferences. The clothes are very good for casual occasions but can also be daily fashion wear.

They are easy to accessorised with shoes whether they are flat, high heels, or boots. The top can be a tight or loose shirt, blouse, or t-shirt, and will look good teamed up with leather jackets. Celebrities set the trends for fashion clothing and accessories. If you are not so sure how to wear your ragged denim pants celebrities can show you. Look for their photos on the web as well as designer ripped skinny jeans for men and women. The designer styles are slightly expensive but they feature original colours, silhouettes, and shreds.


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