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The Right Fit of Skinny Chinos

Skinny chinos are designed to make slender men or women look even better. These pants emphasise a lean silhouette; therefore, they are not the best choice for everyone. When paired with the right kind of shoes, skinny chinos look fantastic. Stylists recommend that you avoid wearing bright-coloured chinos because they make the body appear shorter and the legs seem wider. With lighter colours, the legs look shapely and well-defined.

mens skinny chinos

There is no question that skinny chinos are on-trend this season. However, it takes some effort to find the right kind. There are a few areas of the body that must be measured in order to find the correct fit.  

The waist is perhaps the most important place on the body to measure. The exact location on the waist to measure is where the jeans close with a snap or a button. When measuring, make sure the tape measure is wrapped tight. Keep in mind that tight chinos allow for 5-10 centimetres of room thanks to an elastic waist band. And as the fabric ages, the fit will become more generous.

The length of the leg is also important. With a tape measure, start at the seam in the crotch and measure down to where you want the chinos to fall. The length you want will determine the pants you buy. You must also measure the widest part of the hip. However, most chinos have enough elastic in order to allow the material to stretch a little.

While in the shops, be sure to carefully look at your body in front of a floor-length mirror. Examine the fit of the chinos as you move in a variety of ways: squatting, standing and sitting. Pay close attention to the manner in which the chinos stretch and the quality of the zip and clasp. The rear of the waist must also fit snugly. These pants have the ability to emphasize the wearer's midsection, giving men & women a figure boost. Their comfort and versatility make tight chinos a wardrobe must-have.


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